Warranty Terms

Brand  Category  Limited Warranty 
Artesia  Piano and Home Studio Range 3 Years 
CME Mobile Music Instruments 2 Years 
Ashdown Bass Guitars and Amps 5 Years
Conner  Piano Benches  1 Year
Crafter Acoustic Instruments 1 Year
DR Strings  DR Strings  NA
EFNOTE Electronic Drum Kits 2 Years 
ENGL High Gain Guitar Amps 2 Years 
Furch  Acoustic Instruments 3 Years 
HK Audio  Pro Audio  5 Years Registered
Hughes and Kettner  Guitar Amps  3 Years Registered
Mammoth Gear Gigbags and Cases  1 Year
Mammoth Gear Stands  1 Year
Mammoth Gear Cables  1 Year/Limited Lifetime on MAM FLEX
Reverend  Electric Guitars and Basses 1 Year 
REVV Guitar Amps  1 Year/5 Years on Generator Heads
Suhr Guitars, Amps, Electronics Guitar and Bass 1 Year/ Amps 5 Years