Thank you for your interest in Crafter guitars. My father, HyunKwon Park, founded our company in April 1972. The first guitars were built in the basement of his home where he had just 20 square meters of space and a staff of 4. He soon chose Sungeum as the name for the guitars. In Korean it means 'accomplishing the sound' and is a name which, in the Korean language, captured the spirit, passion and ethos of the company and its products. My father's company enjoyed early success building classical guitars which soon acquired a reputation for excellence among local musicians. By 1978 the Sungeum guitar company had outgrown their basement space and moved to bigger premises in Yangju-gun, just outside Seoul, in order to fulfil growing demand for the guitars. I joined my father in 1986 and the decision was made to take our guitars to the world market. I chose the name Crafter to represent the brand globally. To me, the name Crafter has connotations of high quality and also pays tribute to the craftsmen who create the guitars. The Crafter brand is now registered in more than 40 countries throughout the world.

As 50 years experienced & trained craftsman team who love to build fine quality Acoustic guitars, Since the very start in 1972 we have pursued a program of continuous review and development and we are proud that our innovations of our own structures of guitars, quality and value have resulted in the instrument that you have chosen ahead of so many others.
Thank you again for choosing Crafter and we hope that your guitar will give you many years of good service and playing pleasure.

  • 1972 SungEum company established
  • 1986 CRAFTER brand established
  • 1996 Received award from the Korean Trade and Industry Minister
  • 1998 CRAFTER brand registered in 40 countries worldwide
  • 1999 Received award from the Korean Finance and Economy Minister
  • 2002 Launched 30years anniversary model ‘MoonLight Series’
  • 2004 Launched 32years anniversary model ‘Twin Birds Series’
  • 2004 Founded CRAFTER USA Inc.
  • 2006 Launched 34 years anniversary model ‘Peacock Series’
  • 2007 Received awarded from American dealer group ‘Firm’
  • 2009 Launched 37 years anniversary model ‘Sunrise Series’
  • 2010 Launched 38 years anniversary model ‘Wild Flower Series’
  • 2010 Cited for 2010 Honored Supplier Award (iMSO)
  • 2014 Launched 42 years anniversary model ‘Dragon Series’
  • 2017 Launched 45 years anniversary model ‘Autumn Leaves’
  • 2019 Established & Reorganzied as CRAFTER KOREA CORP.
  • 2020 Successfully Launched Crowd funding Mind W Premium series
  • 2021 Successfully Launched Premium Compact Mini Guitar Series Mno & Big Mino
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