In 2018, skilled engineers with a 20-year career who felt the limits of product development at a major electronic musical instrument manufacturer in Japan, gathered together pursuing flexible ideas that are not tied to cost, but to the non-logical attraction of musical instruments.

No matter how much technology evolves, there are parts that do not change as musical instruments.
Redefine the original value of electronic musical instruments.

- Be a true musical instrument -

Musical instruments are something that will be loved forever.
It is worth not being swept away by the times.
It has beauty, and your skills are improved as you get closer.

Nowadays, musical instruments with electronic are losing their original value because of their priority on specs and price.
A musical instrument that can be loved for a long time.
A musical instrument that can be used safely in education.

Every instrument has beauty. The beauty of materials. The beauty of shape.
To resonate the sound beautifully, to image a beautiful sound.
Beauty in electronic musical instruments.

A musical instrument has richness. There will be fun following the practice period.
What is more important than the quantity of functions or sounds is the quality of the musical instrument.
Quality over number.

There is no musical instrument that everyone loves. Because people have different preferences and sensibilities.
Musical instruments without middle-of-the-road approach,
with unique ideas and technique, with originality that does not fade away.

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