Artesia Pro

Artesia Pro is headquartered in San Diego, CA. Artesia is over 10 years strong now and a leader in electronic musical instruments, including ultra-mobile keyboards and music production equipment, mobile pianos, digital home pianos, electronic percussion and audio recording gear. The U.S. based company founded by CEO Matt Harpster offers innovation from three engineering teams around the globe (Germany, Japan, the U.S.) that help Artesia to shape the sound of modern music. We are sold and distributed in over 58 countries worldwide and played by a wide spectrum of amazing musicians, from beginning students to concert hall legends. Your favorite musicians are likely using an Artesia product whether at home, in the studio or on the stage.

Digital Pianos

All Artesia Digital Pianos offer the latest in authentic analog sound sampling and our proprietary RWA sound engines produce a dynamic playing experience and the sound of a standard acoustic piano. The classic-styled home pianos provide the authentic look and feel of traditional pianos and piano cabinets.

Mobile Pianos

Artesia Mobile Pianos offer a wide range of features and functions for both stage and studio. They offer unmatched sound, tone and technology features for all your mobile needs and applications.

XKey, Synthesizers & Music Production Equipment 

Artesia offers a full range of ultra mobile keyboards, a synthesizer and mobile electronic music production products that offer sound quality, performance features, and ease of use. Artesia offers models that fill the needs of players from beginners to seasoned studio pros.

Electronic Drums & Percussion

Artesia electronic percussion instruments offer semi-professional to professional drummers a family of products for both studio, stage and home recording. Our Japanese engineering partners helped us create a wide range of drum kits that meet the higher end needs of all types of percussionists. See, feel and hear the difference that makes these the clear winner in their competitive class.

Pro Audio

Artesia Pro Audio is dedicated to providing mobile recording solutions in support of audio professionals that demand excellence in both their mobile and home studios.

We maximize the creative possibilities of making and recording your music EVERYWHERE you go.

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