When the LARGE MOUSE plug-in is installed, the Asabi is transformed from a refined high-gain machine into a snarling animal! Crank the GAIN control and the LARGE MOUSE will let loose the spitting distortion that defined the punk rock era!


The LARGE MOUSE allows for 4 different presets of clipping diodes which themselves drastically alter the tone and feel of the way the distortion clips.

To select a clipping preset, press and hold the DIST footswitch for more than 1 second and the clipping program mode will become active. When in this mode, the DIST led will flash to indicate that you are in programming mode. A quick tap on the DIST footswitch will cycle the clipping presets and you’ll be able to hear these presets change as you cycle through them, assuming that the drive circuit was active when the clipping program mode was entered. Once you arrive at a distortion preset that you want to use, press and hold the DIST footswitch for more than 1 second and clipping program mode will exit.

Preset 1 - AMBER: Turbo Large Mouse. Two LED’s are used to symmetrically clip the top and bottom portions of your guitars waveform evenly. The LED’s allow MUCH higher headroom so your tone will stay more open and less compressed much like a vintage Marshall. This setting is perfect for punk rock!

Preset 2 - GREEN: Stock Large Mouse. Two symmetrical silicon diodes give the classic drive and compression that the original is known for.

Preset 3 – BLUE: Asymmetric High Gain. Three asymmetric diodes (two silicon and one LED) will clip the top and bottom portions of your guitars waveform differently resulting in a more complex and interesting tone. This sounds great when laying down aggressive rhythm parts!

Preset 4 - MAGENTA: Symmetric High Gain. Four symmetric silicon diodes will clip the top and bottom portions of your guitars waveform evenly which gives a more focused and direct tone.

Changing clipping diodes are a great way to radically change how a distortion pedal sounds and feels but oftentimes the change that you perceive has more to do with a change in volume than an actual change in tone….until now!

When we were designing the ASABI we knew we wanted to give the distortion section a lot of tonal flexibility and most importantly make that flexibility useful on stage. So when changing clipping presets on the LARGE MOUSE we included circuitry that level matches the output of the pedal as various clipping diodes are selected. So now you can select between all four clipping options, your volume level will remain constant. More importantly, the difference that you hear between the clipping presets will be because of the difference in how those clipping diodes sound and not because your volume is jumping all over the place as it does with other designs. 


To install the LARGE MOUSE plug-in, please perform the following steps:

1) - Remove the back panel of the pedal using a Phillips screwdriver

2) - Lift up on the sides of the plug-in that is currently installed until the plug-in lifts up and out.

3) - Take the new plug-in and align the pins of the three headers into the header sockets and gently press into position. NOTE: The plug-in is keyed so that it cannot be installed backwards. 

4) - Reinstall the back panel of the pedal.

5) - Melt faces.

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